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Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

This is an Electronics Security Observation Systems that enable you from a distance and in a comfort of your office and rooms, view your immediate environment and capture information on criminal acts, without making the perpetrator aware that they are even being watched.

It consists of discreetly and conspicuously cameras that can be viewed through your existing Television set thereby not requiring a separate monitor. It’s available in Black and White and Coloured.

It has a facility for audio monitoring and can be recorded in analogue and digital machines with date and time indicating for retrieval incase of investigation.

The system is very useful in the office to see visitors in the waiting room, activities in the secretary’s office, workshop or factory from the offices, bookshelves from the school librarian office; security operatives can used to monitor certain areas from their offices.

At home, you can use it to monitor area around the premises, who’s ringing your visitors bell, you can see, you can talk and hear just at your comfort.

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