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Introduction of Hospital Management Software

Introduction of Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management System

We have Intuitive and User-Friendly Electronic Health Record and Hospital Management System that will help you Streamline your Practice, Reduce Waste and Increase your Standard of Health Care.

We offer a Pay As You Go Mode of Pricing, where the Hospital Buys Credits for Patients’ Registration and Only Pays for Patients That They See. The registration lasts for 365 days (1 year), after which it’ll be Half the Price Consecutively for Returning Patients. This means the Hospital Doesn’t Have to Pay for Patients They Don’t See.


Intuitive Health Records

  • Manage every aspect of your patients’ care in one simple solution.
  • Whatever your size or specialty, we’ve got you covered.

Encounter Notes

  • Customize your own encounter notes or let us create them for you.
  • Drop-downs, check-boxes and terminology sets reduce typing substantially.
  • Prescribe, submit investigations and admit to ward directly within notes.


  • Create prescriptions at the point of care.
  • Fulfill and dispense in seconds.
  • Manage your in-house pharmacy (dispense/refill logs, low stock alerts etc).


  • Create & name your wards and view occupancy when admitting.
  • Charts and tables let you track data every time such as vitals fluid intake/output etc.

Lab & Imaging Integration

  • Request investigation with a click of a button.
  • Test results are compared to reference values & flagged abnormal.
  • Easily upload and view files with an advanced image viewer.


  • Upgrade to our easy and automated billing system and never miss another payment.

Smart Analytic

  • Generate a wide array of reports.
  • Monitor trends over time.
  • Receive SMS/email alerts.


  • Get macro view of the financial status of your facility.
  • View how much is being paid out from each HMO of your claims.
  • Detailed breakdown of revenue and debt resources.


  • Generate a wide array of reports on everything from clinical and visitation statistics to finance and accounting.
  • Auto report in your inbox or by SMS at the end of each week.


  • Integrated calendar lets you set appointment slots and easily confirm beforehand by SMS.

SMS/email alerts

  • Remind patients of their appointments or when lab results are ready.

Patient forwarding

  • Send patients between stations to improve hospital efficiency and eliminate wait times.

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