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Intruder Detection Alarm System

Intruder Detection Alarm System

These consist of principally Magnetic Contactors on all doors and windows in the Kitchen, Dinning, Garage, Toilet, Bathroom and all the Bed rooms.

Passive Infra Red Detector to cover the sitting room and any other room to detect any movement within the protected space.

Panic Buttons will be deployed in strategic positions to raise instant alarm when pressed in the face of imminent danger.

All these are wired into a Central Processing Unit called Control Panel (CP), with Backup Power Supply (BPS) incase of Public Power failure. The CP mounted strategically will set off the High Power Siren and Strobe Flasher mounted externally in the building, when any of the sensors is disturb on alert condition.

An Auto Dial Reporter will automatically dial a Pre-programmed number, example Police Station and relay a pre-recorded distress message when answered and can also send an SMS message to a GSM Phone.

The System goes with a detailed zoning structure of the Sensors with Operating Instructions to Pinpoint Precisely which device or sensor is intrusion alerting and where it’s situated. The system does more than merely alerting the user and it’s very easy to operate. The system will protect the premises whether the owner is in or out. They are a major deterrent to any opportunist intruders.

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