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Introduction to IT Trainings

Introduction to IT Trainings

Our Courses

 Foundation Class

• Introduction to Information Technology
• Introduction to Operating System
• Introduction to Information Security
• Networking Fundamentals
• Linux

Microsoft Applications

• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft Outlook

Website Development

• Basic graphic technique using CorelDraw and Photoshop
• JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet
• Bootstrap and Responsive html
• Backend development using PHP
• Creating relational database using MySQL
• How to use templates like WordPress
• How to manage CPanel and Domain name registration

Software Development (Java)

• Java Programming Language Data Structure and Algorithms
• Logic Building and Effective ways of solving problems
• Object Oriented Analysis and Design
• Creating relational database using MySQL and SQLite
• windows Application Development using Java
• Web Component Development using Servlets and JSP
• Database Application Development using JDBC
• Secured Application Development using Java
• Application Testing and Quality Assurance

Software Development (.NET)

• Introduction to .NET Framework
• Business Logic and Software Development Life Cycle
• Object Oriented Analysis and Design
• Programming using C# Language
• Relational Database Design, Querying, Managing and Administering Database Using MS SQL SERVER
• Distributed Application Development using XML
• Windows Application Development using .NET Framework
• Database Application Development using ADO.NET
• Web Application Development using ASP.NET
• Secured Application Development using .NET Framework
• Application Testing and Quality Assurance

Mobile Application Development

• Basic Java Programming Language
• Creating relational database using SQlite, MySql
• Android

Ethical Hacking/ Penetration Testing

• Introduction
• Ethics and Legality
• Footprinting
• Scanning
• Enumeration
• System Hacking
• Trojans and Backdoors
• Sniffers
• Denial of Service
• Social Engineering
• Session Hijacking
• Hacking Web Servers
• Web Application Vulnerabilities
• Web-Based Password Cracking Techniques
• SQL Injection
• Wireless Hacking
• Virus and Worms
• Physical Security
• Linux Hacking
• Evading IDS, Honeypots, and Firewalls
• Buffer Overflows
• Cryptography
• Penetration Testing Methodologies

Computer/ Hacking Forensics

• Modern Forensics
• Investigation Process
• Searching and Seizing
• Digital Evidence
• Incidence/ First Response
• Computer Forensics Labs
• Hard Disk and Files Systems
• Windows Forensics
• Data Acquisition
• Recovering and Deleting Files
• Access data
• Image Files
• Steganography
• Application Password Checkers
• Log Capturing

Information/ Cyber Security

• Coding
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Penetration Testing
• Ethical Hacking
• Computer Forensics
• Compliance
• Network Security
• Operating System Security
• Mobile Devices Security
• Wireless Security
• Database Security
• Application Security

 Corporate Information/ Cyber Security

• Learn latest cyber attacks and how to defend yourself
• Know about difference malwares, Viruses, spywares, exploits, backdoors and their missions
• How to analyze your computer and emails
• Learn the technique and tool to detect and eliminate viruses without anti-virus
• How to securely surf the internet
• Know about firmware that is in your devices like Laptops, Phones, CCTV Cameras and (IoT)Internet of Things like Card, Car, TV etc
• Know more about Bluetooth, GPRS, Webcam, general text massages, Images, Videos and Audios.

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