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Smoke/Fire Detection Alarm Systems

Smoke/Fire Detection Alarm Systems

These are Ionization Smoke Detectors deployed around the building, these detectors respond to fast smoke particle from a slow burning fire.

The sensor are sensitive to heat and smoke which enables a fire to be recognized at an early stage, through the control panel processing the information produced by the smoke and switches on the bell to warn the occupant of the building.

The CP is manufactured with a number of zones and is usually specified by zone capacity example 2, 4, 8, 10 zones etc.

To establish the cause of the alarm the relevant areas has to be searched to find the activated device. Every sensor has a unique identity and location within the installation, hence the system does more than merely alerting that a device has been triggered, it pin points precisely which device(s), zones and where it’s situated and display the information on the Control Panel.

The system with addition of Auto Dial Reporter will automatically dial a Pre-programmed number, example Fire Station and relay a pre-recorded distress message when answered and can also send an SMS to a GSM Phone.

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